No Defending Lebron Anymore


The Cleveland Cavaliers are reeling again and for the first time ever, I’m doubting Lebron James.

The fact is it’s his fault.

Let me clarify. James has most certainly lived up to all the hype. He is that rare breed of unbelievable talent and immeasurable charisma.

A real life Jesus Shuttlesworth. James has more physical talent than Michael ever had.

But Jordan played defense. More important, Jordan’s teams played defense.

So why is Lebron to blame for Cleveland’s recent tail spin?

It was James who handpicked this team. It was James who wanted to play along side his friend Damon Jones. It was James who sought Larry Hughes after Michael Redd resigned with Milwaukee.

Unfortunately for the Cavs, Jones just isn’t a point guard. He doesn’t distribute the ball well and only wants to sit in the corner and throw up 25 footers. A few weeks ago against the Sonics on ESPN, there was a stretch that Jones shot from beyond the arc on four out five possessions.

Oh yea, he can’t defend either.

In his last game, Jones seemed to be helpless as Tyronn Lue torched the Cavaliers for 20 points.

As for Hughes, he has yet to live up to the Scottie Pippen-esq hype he received when he signed in July. His scoring, field goal percentage, rebounds and assists are all down.

Yes, you guessed it. His steals are down as well and he has never been able completely lock down a player anyways.

Then you have James himself.

He has the court vision of Magic and can score like Jordan, but he just can’t mark his guy.

It all equates to a team who can generate plenty of offense and offer very little on the other end.

Until they can, the Cavs will just be mediocre and Lebron will deservedly be facing the heat.


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