Best Gimmick Ever: Day 3


We move right into the second bracket with eight matches on the card today.

1. Bret “the hit man” Hart VERSUS Vincent (NWO)

Sadly, Vincent/Virgil becomes the first to have both of his gimmicks eliminated. Even worse, both were measly 16 seeds.

The excellence of execution handled Vincent the way a one seed should, with easy. Bret Quickly applied the sharpshooter and Vince tapped out.

Bret Hart Advances

8. Rocky Miavia VERSUS 9. Bob “sparkplug” Holly
Two very mediocre gimmicks. Rocky was in his pre-eyebrow raise days and was actually hated by the crowed. (Think “Die Rocky Die”)

The sparkplug was pretty bad himself but considering he was man enough to pretend to a race car driving wrestler, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

In one of those matches that you head to the refreshment stands during, Holly hits Miavia with whatever his finishing move was, probably a drop kick and pins him for the victory.

Bob Holly Advances

5. Papa Shango VERSUS 12. Doink
Say what you want about Papa Shango being a five seed, but the man made Ultimate Warrior throw up green slime. He carried a skull with him. He haunted my dreams for a solid year and that isn’t a lie.

What can you say about Doink? Not much of a wrestler but a great character, especially when he was evil Doink.

The voodoo was too much for the clown in this one and Papa Shango moves on.

Papa Shango Advances

4. Razor Ramon VERSUS 13. Golddust
The “Bad Guy” makes his return in this one facing the strange Golddust character. I was never sure of whether he was supposed to some type of gay wrestler or if he just enjoyed wearing lipstick.

Ramon could have wrestled with the toothpick in his mouth but instead tossed it at Golddust before the match began.

Quickly, Ramon hits the Razor’s Edge and pins Goldust using his feet, the ultimate sign of embarrassment.

Razor Ramon Advances

6. The Giant (WCW) VERSUS 11. Rikishi
The first strange twist of the entire tournament. With the Million Dollar Man watching with an intent eye, the two big men looked more like heavy weight boxers than wrestlers the way they held each other the entire match.

At the nine minute mark, Howard Finkel announced there was just one minute remaining but neither wrestler showed any sense of urgency.

Turns out, Ted Dibiase paid off each wrestler to take the count out and there was no winner.

Double Count out, No one Advances

3. Million Dollar Man VERSUS 14. Zodiac
Everybody has a price.

What a break for Ted Dibiase. As an overwhelming favorite to win the match, he could advance right into the sweet 16.

That’s exactly what happened as the Million Dollar Man defeated Brutus “the barber” Beefcake’s other gimmick

Million Dollar Man Advances

7. The Mountie VERSUS 10. Mable

Two of my all time favorite characters. The Canadian with a taser and the big purple giant who was one half of M.O.M.

The Mountie tried his little tricks but Mable was far too big and the match was soon over.

Mable Advances

2. Macho Man VERSUS Koko B. Ware
Koko’s bird couldn’t help him in this one.

In the final match of the second bracket, the WWF version of the Macho Man rolls to Victory.

Yes, Miss Elizabeth is in his corner.

Macho Man Advances.

That completes the first two regions of this winner take all “Best Gimmick Ever” Tournament.

Here is how each of the first two brackets have played out.

Bracket A
Bracket B


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