Best Gimmick Ever: Day 2


And we’re back with a full slate of matches on the card. (Working on my wrestling lingo.)

I’m getting great feedback on this whole idea. It appears more people care about wrestling than I actually thought. I even received hate mail for letting Diesel lose to The RepoMan.

But enough of that, lets get right in to the action.

6. Sid Justice (WWF) VERSUS 11. Issac Yankem DDS.

Talk about a classic way to kick the day off. Here we have Justice, a guy who played Shawn Michaels bodyguard and then turned on him, facing Yankem, a great character who may or may not have ever won a single match under this alias.

Yankem had Jerry “the king” Lawler in his corner while Justice was by himself.

In this match, we’ll say Justice is in his early indestructible form and tears into the dentist.

Kick to the stomach followed by a hard power bomb and the match is over.

Justice Advances

3. Mr. Perfect VERSUS 14. Fatu the Headshrinker

Mr. Perfect can honestly win this whole tournament. Does anyone remember those commercials? Full court shots, hole in ones, 100 yard passes, what a gimmick!

Fatu on the other hand, was more of a tag team wrestler and that hurt him in this one.

Perfect entered the ring, spit his gum out and smacked it right in the Headshrinker’s face, blinding him for a second.

Before you know it, the perfect plex is performed and the dream is over for Fatu.

Mr. Perfect Advances

7. Randy Savage (WCW) VERSUS 10. The Narcissist Lex Luger

This is a later, non-colorful version of Savage. The WWF version will be a much a high seed.

The Narcissist had that steal plate in his forearm that used to knock every wrestler out.

We’ll say that streak continues here as a younger, stronger Luger handles Savage easilyl

The Narcissist Advances

2. “Surfer” Sting VERSUS 15. “Rocker” Shawn Michaels

This is the more colorful version of Sting going head to head with the less colorful Michaels.

Michaels carried his tag team before turning his back on Marty Janety.

Without the “super kick” as one of his moves, Shawn is very basic while Sting is flying all over the squared circle.

The “Sharpshooter,” or “Scorpion Death lock” is applied and Michaels taps out. He’ll be back though.

Sting Advances

That marks the end of the first bracket. Early analysis shows that Hogan will be pretty tough to beat, considering he is the ultimate wrestling icon. You have to love that the RepoMan advanced. If there was ever such thing as a mid-major wrestler, he was the guy.

Check back tomorrow for the complete rundown of Brackett B.


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