Best Gimmick Ever: Round 2


For the second round, I decided to move to a different format just to get things moving. Instead of going over each match, I am just going to analyze each bracket.

Bracket A - Click to View
The top four seeds remain unscathed after advancing into the sweet 16 today. Hulk Hogan handled the NWO version of Ted Dibiase with the ease that a top seed should. Hogan looks to be a favorite considering the fact that he has barely broken a sweat in two rounds.

Hogan’s opponent in the round of sixteen will be close friend Brutus “the barber” Beefcake. The barber ended any hopes of the RepoMan stealing a spot in the next round.

The lower half of the bracket had two very interesting matchers. Mr. Perfect was able to advance after beating Sid Justice in one of the better matches in the tournament so far. Perfect will face Sting in the third round.

Sting overcame Lex Luger’s steal plated forearm to win their match.

Bracket B - Click to View
The top seeds continued the trend in the second slate of matches. Bret “the hitman”Hart cruised over Bob “sparkplug” Holly.

Hart’s opponent will be “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon, who defeated fifth seeded Papa Shango.

Macho Man Randy Savage had an easy time defeating Mabel and moved on the face the Million Dollar Man, who had already advanced in the tournament.

Bracket C – Click to View
Finally a bracket that doesn’t go completely as planned.

The top seed Shawn Michaels facing ninth seeded Kevin Nash had all the makings of a historic match up. (Quick note, many readers felt that seeding Nash ninth was unfair.)

The show stopper was able to overcome a far stronger Nash and move on. He’ll face Smash from Demolition who advanced through because of a first round disqualification of HHH and “black & white” Sting.

The other half of the Outsiders was able to advance through however as Scott Hall pummeled the lower seeded 123 Kid.

The final match of the bracket saw The Rock move on. He defeated the Hawaiian version of Crush.

Bracket D – Click to View
I did mention this during round one but I’ve still caught a ton of flack for this group being so weak. It appears that Hollywood Hogan has a clear path to the final four.

All I can say is watch out for The Berserker.

Hogan did move on after dismantling “Hardcore” Holly. I could see where Holly might give the face version of Hogan problems, but the bad guy version matches his toughness.

Two of the three former members of Demolition have now advanced as Crush pulled a mild upset over Earthquake.

Both members for The Natural Disasters were then eliminated when the Cinderella of the tournament, The Berserker, defeated Typhoon.

In the final match of the night, Mick Foley became the last member to join the sweet 16 when he beat the Big Bossman.


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