Random Rumblings 12/25


  • Has anyone ever been to a Sonic restaurant? Is there such a thing? I see these commercials popping up more and more and there isn’t a Sonic in all of New England. If CBS is going to force me to watch the AFC East every week, the least they could do is advertise places I might actually see in my lifetime. I mean people in San Diego don’t have to watch Jim Calhoun’s Webster Bank commercials do they?
  • Speaking of San Diego, what a choke act they pulled this season. Three weeks ago, everyone penciled them in for an AFC championship game, now they won’t even be in the playoffs.
  • If Larry Johnson played a full season, he would have run for 2000 yards and scored 30 touchdowns.
  • Here’s a wild prediction: The Washington Redskins will go to the Super Bowl... and get beat by three touchdowns.
  • Was I the only person that didn’t know how terribly spoken Johnny Damon is? I watched that press conference on the YES network, he said “ya know” and “uhhh” about thirty times each.
  • If the Blue Jays get Troy Glaus and he stays healthy, he is going to hit 35 homeruns and make the Jays a contender.
  • If you were the Chicago Cubs, would you really trade Mark Prior or Carlos Zambrano?
  • I can’t wait for Gonzaga @ Memphis on Tuesday night. Adam Morrison draws Larry Bird comparisons from NBAdraft.net and the Tigers have become my favorite team not named UConn. Expect Memphis to dominate.
  • Speaking of Connecticut, Marcus Williams won’t be as big of a factor for the Huskies as people think. UConn has actually been more efficient with Craig Austrie running the point.
  • Be patient with Isiah Thomas Knicks fans. Channing Frye and Eddy Curry are talented young big men and once they get a couple of guys who can defend, they will be okay. They should get a lottery pick this year too… oh wait.

    Lastly, I want to wish all readers and their families a very Merry Christmas. Have a good holiday.


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