Best Gimmick Ever: Sweet 16


The tension is beginning to build now. After this posting, only eight competitors in the “Best Gimmick Ever” contest will be left. We have some fantastic matches set up the rest of the way, so let’s get right to it.

In Bracket A, the final will be top seeded Hulk Hogan facing third seeded Mr. Perfect for the right to go to the final four.

Hogan defeated his best friend, Brutus “the barber” Beefcake in an interesting match. The two clearly had a mutual respect for each other at the start, but that quickly changed. Jimmy Hart was in the corner of Brutus and despite being fond of Hogan, knocked him over the head with his megaphone.

Hogan managed to just keep his arm up when he was in barber’s sleeper hold and began to hulk up. Before long, Hogan hit Brutus with a big drop kick and pinned him to advance.

Sting became the third number two seed to be eliminated in the tournament after Perfect handled him with relative ease.

The Bracket B final will be one for the ages.

Bret “the hitman” Hart defeated Razor Ramon after being punished throughout the match. The excellence of execution was not superior in this one, but a small package rollup won the match for him.

Macho Man Randy Savage eliminated the Million Dollar Man to set up the all time battle with Hart.

Savage refused to throw the match after being offered money by Dibiase and survived despite being heckled throughout the match by Virgil. Before long, Macho Man hit his patented flying elbow and pinned Dibiase for the win.

Having already eliminated his buddy Kevin Nash, top seeded Shawn Michaels will now get a chance to end the run of the other outsider, Scott Hall.

Michaels ended any chance of an upset by Smash from Demolition with a super kick to the face.

The Rock was not as lucky.

Hall used every dirty trick in the book and in the end, it was too much for the fan favorite.

The N.W.O. was in the ring celebrating but not for long. Their leader, Hollywood Hogan still had a match.

Hogan didn’t need any help in knocking out Crush to further the notion that he might face his original gimmick in the finals.

Hollywood will face the story of the tournament, The Berserker. The Berserker continued his over the top dominance of the competition by eliminating Mick Foley via his trademark, the count out.

The Round of Eight
1. Hulk Hogan V 3. Mr. Perfect
1. Bret Hart V 2. Macho Man
1. Shawn Michaels V 6. Scott Hall
1. Hollywood Hogan V 6. The Berserker


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