Check It Out: 1/26


Lebron James scored 38 points to lead the Cavs past Atlanta last night, despite some idiot pointing a laser at his forehead all night. This is bad. Can’t you see where this is going? Duke goes to Maryland on February 11. So now, to go along with fans talking about JJ Redick’s mother, brother, sister, girl friend, and how ugly he is, he’s going to have to deal with red dots the whole game. I hope someone gets the one that can give the middle finger. Let’s see ESPN block that out.

Alexander Ovechkin is probably better than Sidney Crosby right now, but Crosby’s Penguins put an absolute beating on the Caps last night.

Billy Beane is a genius. Oakland signed Frank Thomas to a one-year, $500,000 contract. At worst, you get a guy who will hit but eventually get hurt. At best, you get a future Hall of Famer who gets on base at an all time rate.

Michael Vick thinks Virginia Tech overreacted when they kicked his brother out of school for stomping on Louisville defensive end Elvis Dumervil. If that was a first, second, or 24th offense, I’d agree. But the kid is a walking trouble maker.


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