Dear Enemies


In keeping with National Compliment Day, I have some pleasant thoughts about people I normally despise.

Bill Walton. You might be a two-faced loud mouth, but your son seems like a good kid.

Sean Salisbury. While I don’t agree with you screaming at me through the television, I respect that your one of maybe fifteen people outside of Seattle and Pittsburgh that still cares about the Super Bowl.

Those who run ESPN. You’re showing practice for the Senior Bowl right now, but you made the correct move canceling ESPN Hollywood. Slater is nothing without Zack.

Paul O'Neil. Of all Yankees that Michael Kay has called the greatest player ever, you might be the most overrated and you also sound a lot like Kermit the Frog. On the other hand, you did make little league right fielders everywhere feel like they belong.

Isiah Thomas. As a GM, you’ve proved to be incompetent and may or may not have used your powers to sexually harass a female employee, but you would totally kick Bill Simmons’ ass.

I can’t say much about… JJ Redick, Ron Artest, Shawn Michaels, Tracy McGrady, John Starks, Stephen A. Smith, Curtis Martin, Tom Coughlin, Doug Gottlieb, Damon Jones, Smush Parker, and Mario Lemieux… But, I hope nothing bad happens to you fellas today.

Have a nice Compliment Day.

Yours truly,
Dan McGowan


The Armchair Quarterback 5:26 PM, January 25, 2006  

As far as compliments go I'll throw one your way. I like the site. First time visitor today and it cracked me up. And I would agree with your assessment of ESPN Hollywood. Although if they could get Kelly (post-boob job) on the show then I'm definitely watching.

Anonymous 5:51 PM, January 25, 2006  

Dan McGowan- you write good blogs

Doug Civitelli- you make good ziti

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