Talk About Setting an Example


Apparently, Vince Carter thinks Kobe’s 81 could have a negative effect on young ballers everywhere. Maybe, he should look in the mirror.

Thirty years from now, when I think of Bryant strictly from a basketball standpoint, I’ll think:

  • 81 points.
  • One of the greatest players of his generation.

When I think of Carter, I’ll think:

  • That crazy dunk contest.
  • One of the major reasons USA basketball fell from its pedestal.

Carter has to be out of his mind to think anyone could have a more harmful effect on the game than he has had over the course of his career. So Kobe makes a generation of children strive to be scorers. Carter made a generation of children want to be on an ESPN highlight reel instead of win.

I remember coaches being mad about kids wanting to dribble through their legs when I was starting basketball. Carter made kids want to put the ball through their legs in mid air and dunk.

I’ll take a kid wanting to be Bryant any day.


craigchurch 3:38 PM, January 25, 2006  

I agree, isn't quitting on your team a bad example as well?

Anonymous 1:12 AM, January 26, 2006  

As long as the kid doesnt want to rape white chicks

twins15 3:49 PM, January 26, 2006  


Publicly saying you stopped trying in order to get traded is obviously so much worse than shooting 60% for the game and scoring 81 points

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