Check It Out 1/7


The Marcus Vick saga deserves an entire blog and I will get to it but for now, how about what he said to the Virginian-Pilot yesterday. “It’s not a big deal. I’ll just move on to the next level, baby”

What’s that? Stephon Marbury plays points guard? He sure looked like one last night as the Knicks beat up on Washington 113-92. I wouldn’t get upset yet New York fans, but the team’s recent two game winning streak is showing that they might not have as many balls in the draft lottery as you think.

I’m not one to show Kansas any love. In fact, they are probably near the top of my list of team I despise but they put on a show versus Kentucky today. Kareem Rush can play.

Kobe told you he didn’t need Shaq. He’s got Smush (registration required).

The Houston Texans already have a talented running back, so they’ll go with the only logical move and draft another one in April. Today, the team announced that no matter what hometown boy Vince Young does, they will still draft Reggie Bush.


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