Should Have Bit His Tounge


I’m considering starting a quotable section to this page due to the vast amounts of entertainment people involved with sports provide us. I didn’t think anything could be as hilarious as Keith Jackson’s comments from the other night, but Brad Childress came close.

The Minnesota Vikings announced Childress as their new head coach today and he immediately proved that his common sense could be lacking.

In one of his first statements, he announced: “I grew up a bears fan.” Vikings fans must feel great. All year they have to deal with scandal and losing, and then they hire a guy who loves their rival.

It got worse. He then said, “We’ll be like Vikings. We’re going to go ashore, burn the boats and never look back. And we’re never looking back. Today, we go ashore.”

Insert funny thought here.

Note to Childress: I don’t care if your teams name was the Sailors. Mentioning any kind of boat with this team is cause for concern.


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