Two Months of Hell


It’s a bad time to be me.

I’m football-ed out. It’s true. With five weeks left, I really could care less.

After viewing the best bowl season of my life, including my generation’s Nebraska/Miami in the Rose Bowl, how can the NFL playoffs provide me with any more sense of gratification?

The answer is that they probably won’t.

I can’t remember a time where the National championship game overshadowed the first week of the NFL postseason. This year, there is so much to talk about. The end of USC’s streak. Mack Brown achieving Roy Williams status. Oh yeah, and the game was fantastic too.

I can keep going. Should Vince Young leave? Is the 2006 draft class going to spit out three all-time type players in the first few picks of the opening round? Did Keith Jackson really say those things?

Furthermore, the first round has never been as irrelevant as it is this season. Since week twelve, it has been apparent that the only realistic Super Bowl contenders are the Colts, Seahawks, and ::gulp:: da Bears. By the way, none of those teams play this week.

Seriously, only the northeast cares about the Pats/Jags and I don’t even want to get in to the NFC. I call my self a Giants fan but will most definitely find myself watching college basketball Sunday afternoon. I consider Clinton Portis a lot more entertaining in press conferences than in the actual games.

And the storylines, where are they?

Call me just a casual fan but the only game I’m even thinking about this week is Pittsburgh/Cincinnati because of the chance that Chad Johnson might do something wild. The Patriots are intriguing but also sickening. They are only worth talking about if they beat the Colts next week and there is a fair chance they may not even make it to Indy.

Then as soon as football is exciting again, the Super Bowl is over and we are left with a month of severe boredom. Unfortunately this year, it will be two months.

Call me when March madness starts.


Anonymous 7:23 PM, January 06, 2006  

you forgot about the Jets!

Anonymous 2:05 AM, January 07, 2006  

"Gulp da Bears?" Another shot at Chitown McGowan. This is the third time you've taken a shot at Chicago. You better watch yourself in the gym the next few days buddy. I might cut your feet off.

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