Not a Good Sign


A Minnesota boys high school hockey team defeated the silver medal winning U.S. Olympic women’s hockey team 2-1 in an exhibition as the ladies prepare for the upcoming winter games in Torino, Italy.

The team’s lone goal doesn’t even seem to have been a clean one. Natalie Darwitz’ second period shot appeared to have hit the cross bar but was then counted as a goal three minutes after the fact.

Assuming there was no instant replay at a high school hockey game, I wonder what had to have transpired in order for the referees to count the goal.

What’s sad is the team (Warroad) plays in Class A which is the weaker of the two Minnesota high school hockey divisions. (If you’re a reader from Connecticut, think Division 2 as compared to Division 1.)

Even worse than that, Warroad isn’t even in the top 10 rankings for their class.

I can only imagine what Holy Angels might do to our Olympic gold hopefuls.


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