Check It Out 1/8


He’s the best and the most boring player in the NBA. Now he’s being un-American. He’s Tim Duncan and he has “no interest” in playing on the U.S. Olympic basketball team.

I’ll show Kobe love for the second straight day as he led the Lakers back from the dead against the Clippers last night. I have my doubts but Lebron James calls him the best player in the league and the LA Times Bill Plaschke says he’s a one man show (registration required).

Vince Young had to sit down and do a lot of thinking about this decision. Three days later, he’s entering the NFL draft but will he be a good pro quarterback? A 6’5 version of Mike Vick, call me crazy but I think he’ll be fine.

The Giants got pasted today and it left me wondering, what’s with people thinking Eli Manning had good season? Counting today’s display, Eli threw 24 touchdowns but turned the ball over 23 times.


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