Oh Marcus, How You Never Seize to Amaze us


Michael or Mike Vick has never been sure of what he wants to be called. He might want to change his last name now.

This thought comes after the Atlanta Falcons star quarterback’s little brother was arrested for the eighty-fourth time on three counts of brandishing a weapon. Marcus allegedly pointed a gun at a 17 year old and two others in a McDonald’s parking lot after getting into an argument.

There is no truth to the rumor that the three were West Virginia fans.

My guess on how the altercation went…

17 year old: Hey Marcus, my girl friend’s too young for you. The judge said stay away.
Marcus: What’d you say homey?
17 year old: I said stay away from her you pedophile. How’d you get here anyway? Didn’t they take your license away?
Marcus: That’s it b*tch. *pulls gun* Do we have a problem homey?

I’m assuming Michael is the one who has to post bail every time his brother messes up.

Sucks to be him.


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