Last Night...


The three undefeated teams in college basketball stayed unbeaten. But while Duke was getting all of the calls at home against N.C. State and Pitt was battling Rutgers at the RAC, why on earth was Florida playing Savannah State?

He’s not Big Papi but Ben Gordon officially kills New York. The former UConn star and current Chicago Bulls’ sixth man nailed a game winner against the Knicks for the second time in his short career. Gordon's shot would be overshadowed by Antonio Davis running into the stands when he thought his wife was being harassed by fans.

Lebron James elected to pass instead of take a wide open three pointer to force a tie but the ball would up in his hands anyway. Down two, James purposely bricked a free-throw, grabbed his own rebound and was fouled again. He missed what would have been the game tying free-throw and the Nuggets held on for a 90-89 victory.


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