And You Thought Your School Sucked


Someone always has it worse. But what about the worst of all? What do they do?

The Savannah State University athletic program is the epitome of bad. In fact, bad is an enormous under statement. They are dreadful, abysmal even. Honestly, words fail to capture just how awful the Tigers have been over the last four years.

The school is in the transition stages of moving from Division II to Division I and to put it very mildly, have had some struggles.

For example, last night the Tigers basketball program lost by 51 to second ranked Florida and that was only the team’s third most lopsided loss of the season. Half of there 18 losses have come by at least 30 points. Since the 2002/2003 season, the team is 8-92, including recording just the second winless season by a team in fifty years.

The women’s team isn’t much better. Over the same period of time, the Lady Tigers are 19-82.

But basketball is just a start. Savannah State’s Division IAA football team has gone winless two of the last three years. They did almost win once this season. The Tigers dropped a 28-27 heartbreaker to Central State on Homecoming. By the way, Central is a Division II program and was playing football for the first time since 1996.

Spring sports don’t stray far from the crowd either. The baseball team is actually mediocre although they did give up an NCAA record 11 straight hits to New Mexico last year.

Last and most definitely worst of all, Savannah State’s softball team has won just one game ever. In 2005, the team scored seven runs all season and was on the receiving end of five of the ten most lopsided losses in the country.

Consider that an improvement. In 2004, the team scored one run all season.

There’s a lesson to be learned to here. Don’t go ballistic when your school drops a close game or goes on a little losing streak. Maybe the football team was bad but another sport will pick it up. It could be a lot worse.

You could go to Savannah State and lose year round.


Kevin 1:43 PM, January 19, 2006  

Dan, ive been reading your page for awhile and your shit is good. Nice job on the page. I assume your going to school for this and best of luck to you. Hopefully ill see you on sportscenter one day haha

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