Check It Out: 1/20


Forget the money; Michael Axelrod just wants an apology. Well good for Michael. He is officially better than any person I know including me. If my lawyer told me I could get a million for someone’s wife being an ass to me, I’d be all for it.

Daunte Culpepper couldn’t pick a better time to renegotiate his deal. I mean he did throw twice as many interceptions as touchdowns before having his season cut in half by a serious injury, and he was outplayed by 95 year old Brad Johnson, and he is facing misdemeanor charges for the sex boat, so why not throw him a few extra mil?

The Bush administration is going to let Cuba play in the World Baseball Classic and there is a good chance the team will make it to San Diego for the semifinals. The real question is if they do advance, how many players will go missing the night before their games?

Welcome back Theo. Let’s hope you can play short and hit leadoff.

Sing it with me now. “We are family! We can’t win down under so we’re history.” As bad as Venus was, you’d think Serena Williams might come with a better showing at the Australian Open. She didn’t.


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