Little League World Series Moving to March


The joke that is the World Baseball Classic announced a few more rules yesterday.

They might as well pack up and play in Williamsport.

A concern for everyone has been how much the pitchers will be permitted throw throughout the tournament. Obviously, Major League teams are worried about their players getting hurt and fans want to know that if they are paying up to $50 for tickets, they will get to see more than some Cactus League exhibition game.

The business won out.

Pitchers will not be allowed to throw more than 65 pitches in any outing during the first round and any one who throws more than thirty has to take the following day off. This explains why the United States has seven closers on its roster.

The WBC also decided that there will be a 15 run mercy rule after five innings and a ten run rule after seven. This immediately brought two thoughts to mind:

  • Will Bucky Martinez take heat for deliberately running up the score on the South Africans the way a coach from California does on Davenport, IW every year?
  • Will cameras show close ups of the faces of the Italian team and its coach Matt Galante in tears when they are being pounded each game?

There are no reports of a must-play rule but I suggest they institute one if Michael Barrett, Chad Moeller, and Dan Wheeler ever expect to get in for the Americans.


craigchurch 12:13 PM, January 27, 2006  

65 pitches, that is nothing at all. some pitcher throw that in 2 innings, pathetic.

Anonymous 3:28 PM, January 27, 2006  

i played on a team with this one kid...funny his last name was mcgowan too. i swear he used to go 3-2 on every batter. innings used to last hours. a guy like him wouldn't make it through the ceremonial first pitch before he'd have to get yanked. i hope scotland has a deep bullpen.

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