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Went on hiatus for a few days and didn’t miss much. The weekend before the Super Bowl is after all, the worst weekend of the year. Tennis, golf and cliché stories drew most of the headlines but I’ll do a recap anyway.

  • You want to talk about dominance. Forget Kobe, forget Clemens or Bonds, forget Tiger. Even Lance Armstrong is only special for a small portion of the year. Right now, Roger Federer owns his sport more than any athlete in the world. Federer’s victory at the Australian Open was his third consecutive Grand Slam and seventh in eleven tries. The win only furthered the stranglehold he already has on men’s tennis. At 24, he is already half way to Pete Sampras’ all time record.

    You don’t have to appreciate tennis, but Federer is bigger than the game.

    Appreciate greatness.

  • Last I checked Tiger Woods was playing horrible at the Buick Invitational. I take a few days off and here he is winning the whole thing for the fourth time in his career. More impressive, Woods is 12-1 when he is involved in a playoff.

  • Tired of hearing the Jerome Bettis is from Detroit story? Well, here’s a new one: Brett Favre might retire. I’m just about tired of this guy. I understand how great he was but now he is getting that senile grandparent treatment – meaning he is allowed to do and say whatever he wants with no repercussions. He threw 29 interceptions and then says he might not want the ball in crunch-time. C’mon! It’s time the Packers to cut their losses.


The Armchair Quarterback 2:54 PM, January 30, 2006  

I can appreciate Federer but as I blogged today, I just wish there was a little more suspense and some rivals for him in men's tennis.

Anonymous 11:42 PM, January 31, 2006  

Its about fucking time you show my man Fed some love. Best tennis player ever.

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