You Set Yourself Up for This One


Let’s get this straight. Making fun of Detroit is wrong.

It’s like stealing second up ten runs. It’s like passing the football up three touchdowns late in the fourth quarter. It’s like lying on your scorecard in golf. It’s like throwing a low blow. It’s like hitting a kid with glasses.

All very wrong. But sometimes, it just happens.

Detroit honored the hometown boy, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis, by handing him a key to city yesterday. Now, if this was a team it wouldn’t be too out of the norm. The Pistons got keys to the city and I’m sure the Redwings and Tigers before them were awarded as well. It’s just a regular sports thing to do.

But the last solo person to be awarded the keys to the empire that is Detroit was none other than Saddam Hussein.

The city really screwed this one up. You would think that by accident someone would realize that the last person to get a key to the city was one of the most evil people in history and maybe try and honor someone else.

I mean you have to fix a mistake like that.

But then again, it is Detroit.


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