We Came From the Gutter and We’re Still Here


Okay, so it was a terribly uneventful media day. We know. There is no buzz around this game. We know. Depending on the writer, the city is either a shit-hole or in the midst of renaissance. We know. Jerome Bettis is from Detroit. Oh lord, we know.

But the most interesting story from Super Bowl XL is that it seems as if no one believes either team can win - or at least the players think that.

When we hear from a Steeler, it’s “No one thought we would be here. We did this by ourselves when no one believed in us.” On the other hand, the Seahawks are coming at us with, “No one loves us. No one knows who we are. We’re really good and no one cares.”

Hence the Tupac theme. Both teams want to believe that their backs have always been against the wall and everyone wants to see them crumble.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl where both teams wanted so badly to be the underdog? It’s crazy. Are Bill Cowher and Mike Holmgren working on their pre-game speeches together?

The sad thing is they are both right. If I could, I think I’d still put money on the Colts.


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