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ESPN’s coverage of the Rose Bowl has been pitiful. For two weeks, Texas wasn’t even mentioned while USC was stacked against the greatest teams in the history of game.

Of course, people began to realize that there was another team in the Rose Bowl and so the network came up with a pathetic feature on the Longhorns. Talk about bias. USC gets matched against history while Texas’ offensive line looks silly dressing up like bodyguards for Vince Young to show how well they protect him.

Texas deserves some credit. If USC is the greatest team ever and this is going to be the greatest game ever, the Longhorns must be the second best team ever, right?

Before we can be sure, let’s take a look at the ten second best teams of all time and see where Texas might find itself. Just as ESPN did with Reggie Bush, be sure to watch as the answer to every question is Vince Young.

10. 1975 Arizona St. (12-0)
The Sun Devils still played in the WAC at the time so they didn’t get the credit they probably deserved. The team had a future Hall of Famer in cornerback Mike Haynes and blew out a strong Washington team that year. In the Fiesta Bowl, they defeated an unbeaten Nebraska team 17-14.

The one knock on this team would be that they did give up points and I think Texas would definitely take advantage. Haynes would only be able to shutdown one side of the field and Vince Young would probably run right through them.
Texas 42-21

9. 1980 Pittsburgh (11-1)
The Panthers were lead by Dan Marino and had a nice team but they were manhandled by Florida State during the season, costing them the National title. This team gave up far too many points, and didn’t score enough in big games to be able to stick with Texas.
Texas 44-17

8. 1984 Washington (11-1)
Washington’s only loss that season was to Rose Bowl winner USC but check out the teams they defeated. The Huskies went to Michigan and beat the third ranked Wolverines and followed that up with an Orange Bowl victory over second ranked Oklahoma.

The Huskies would give Young fits but I don’t see them scoring too often on the Texas defense. In the end, Young find a way to make a play the way he did versus Ohio State early this season.
Texas 28-20

7. 1998 Ohio St (11-1)
Ohio State played a very tough schedule but lost a bad game to Michigan State, its only blemish. They won the Sugar Bowl and other than the loss to MSU, ran the table in the best conference in the country.

I keep looking back at that loss to Michigan State and think that Texas would never lose a game like that. Look at the game where they were down big against Oklahoma State at the half, a great team perseveres and pulls of the win.
Texas 35-21

6. 1979 Southern Cal (11-0-1)
How this team didn’t win the national title, I’ll never know. USC tied Stanford but hammered every team they played after, with most of the big games (ND, Washington, and LSU) on the road. Then they beat top ranked Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

The Trojans still didn’t score enough to match up with Texas however. The Longhorns might not be able to pass but they there is no way their running game would be stopped.
Texas 35-24

5. 1983 Nebraska (12-1)
This team is a lot like the USC team Texas will play in the Rose Bowl.

Any team that scored 84 points in a single game is scary, and that’s why Nebraska makes the list. The Huskers had a Heisman trophy winning quarterback and also the top two picks of the 84’ NFL draft in Irvin Fryar and Dean Steinkuhler.

Nebraska’s schedule was pretty weak and that’s what makes me skeptical. I like Vince Young rising to the occasion once again.
Texas 38-31

4. 1986 Miami (11-1)
The Hurricanes outscored their opposition 430-150 but were defeated in the Fiesta Bowl by Penn State. The Nittany Lions played ball control in that game and I think the Longhorn running game could do the same. Miami would come close, but fall.
Texas 24-17

3. 1966 Alabama (11-0)
The era has to be taken into account here. No college football team could ever dominate the way this Crimson Tide team did today. They only gave up 44 points all season! Somehow the voters picked both Notre Dame and Michigan State (9-0-1) ahead of them.

Considering that they played in the 60s’ Texas would obviously be far bigger, faster, and stronger than the Crimson Tide, thus winning the game.
Texas 28-14

2. 2002 Miami Football (12-1)
Texas and this Miami team actually have a common opponent. The freshmen on the team Miami lost to (Ohio State) are seniors now and lost to the Longhorns early this season.

Miami did defeat Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech that year, all of whom were ranked in the top ten at some point.

The only reason I like Texas in this game is because I think they are much better than the Ohio State team that beat the Hurricanes in the Fiesta Bowl.
Texas 31-24

1. 1971 Oklahoma (11-1)

Some believe Oklahoma lost the greatest game ever played to Nebraska in 71’ and played a ridiculous schedule. The Sooners finished second behind Nebraska and just in front of Colorado as the Big Eight boasted a 1-2-3 national finish.

The team had two 1,000 yard rushers and finished with almost 1000 more total yards than any team in the country. The Sooners could score with anyone but based on the era of play, I’ll take Texas.
Texas 45-35

Its official, I managed to make Vince Young the only player I mentioned from the 2005 Texas Longhorns, yet still crown them as the “second best team ever.”

With all of that being said, I like USC tonight, 44-21.


Anonymous 6:14 PM, January 04, 2006  

how about an article on brady quinn's sister...or how uconn lost to marquette. Keep up the decent work.

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