Random Rumblings: College Football Edition


  • I’ll go out on a limb and assume that ESPN’s Chris Spielman might not be covering bowl games next season. Spielman, while absolutely correct, was very harsh on the referees in the Florida/Iowa game, even calling the officiating unconscionable. I’m sure the NCAA will have something to say about his commentary.
  • Notre Dame will be in the top five next season, but Ohio State showed they were far and away the superior team in the Fiesta bowl. Take away a few mistakes and the Buckeyes could have scored 50.
  • Laura Quinn looked completely ridiculous in the dual Ohio State/Notre Dame jersey that she wore during the game.
  • West Virginia is the only active Big East team to have won a BCS bowl game.
  • Reason number 3384032 that the BCS isn’t that bad: If it were still the old system, USC would play Penn State and Texas would have probably played Notre Dame. Instead, we have an all-time match up. I’ll take the latter.
  • Does Lou Holtz forget to wear his dentures every week on ESPN? I can’t understand a word the guy says.
  • NBC couldn’t have picked a worse time to interview Mike Vick about his brother. Just as they began asking questions, Marcus was sacked and then deliberately stepped directly on the knee of a Louisville linebacker. He just isn’t a good person.
  • Maurice Clarett won’t be eluding NFL defenses any time soon. He can’t even get away from drunken men in a bar without getting caught.
  • The hype surrounding USC might a little over the top but if they defeat Texas, they’ll have put together the greatest three year run in college football history.
  • I hate that Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden are compared so closely. It’s a disgrace to Paterno, who runs a classy program and has given so much to his school. Under Bowden, Florida State has replaced Miami as the school where felons go to flourish.
  • Although I don't like previews and predictions, I suppose I should write one for the Rose Bowl. So here’s a start. Off the top of my head, I can name ten USC players, including their backup quarterback. I can barely name two Texas starters. USC 40 - Texas…


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