Check It Out: 2/14


Rudy Gay, Marcus Williams, Josh Boone, Rashad Anderson, Hilton Armstrong, Kyle Lowry, Allen Ray, Randy Foye. At least eight players in last night’s Villanova/UConn game will be in the NBA within the next three years. The Wildcats defeated the top ranked Huskies 69-54 in what was one of the best games in the NCAA this season. If you like guard play, you’ll love Nova come March.

I just couldn’t think of an adjective that can fully describe the beatings that the New York Knicks are catching these days. I’ll try this. Mavs poop on Knicks.

Adam Dunn and the Cincinnati Reds avoided arbitration by coming to terms on a two year $18.5 million dollar contract. Dunn will make $7.5 million this season or $22,400 per strikeout.


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