Americans Hit the (half)Pipe Hard


There are some athletes you couldn’t take anywhere. Tiger Woods. Too boring. Ron Artest. Too scary. Roger Clemens. Too Texan.

American snowboarders are a different story. I feel as though they would be the life of any party. They are like my generation’s Dazed and Confused; always happy, free spirited, more than likely stoned. They seem to be enjoying life so much more than say, any other Olympian.

After winning gold in Torino, Shaun White (men's halfpipe) and Hannah Teter (women’s halfpipe) stand alone at the top of their sport. There’s nothing like two goofy kids being American heroes, even if it is just for a few weeks.

Seriously, these two are so great for the Olympics. While most athletes only speak during the press conferences and give very generic answers, White and Teter just spit out anything that is going through their little teenage hemp-altered minds.

Case in point:

After “shredding the lip” (showering with snow) on the press photographers during his victory run, White, who bares an amazing resemblance to Carrot Top said, “I never take advantage of my victory lap. I was going to ride straight down and just live it up, but I wanted to hit some airs. Then, I got my shred on.”

Teter was even more entertaining.

She decided that she wants to staple her gold medal up in her play house. "I'm gonna staple it in with a real staple gun," she said. Woohoo, a real staple gun!

When asked how the medal might changer her life, Teter said that she was going to stay laid back but might buy a boat. Really, who says that? After accomplishing the biggest goal of her life, she comes up with, “maybe I’ll buy a boat.” How cool is that?

Granted, I couldn’t tell you the difference between mctwists and goofy feet. But I love this snowboarding stuff.

Or at least the characters competing.


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