Check It Out: D-Wade Decides Passing is Overrated


I won’t lie. If it’s not Lebron or Kobe and it’s not the playoffs, I’ll watch anything else on television in place of the NBA. On Sunday, I even tried watching the fascinating sport of women’s cross-country skiing. But I’m thrilled that I mistakenly flipped the channel to ABC for the final few minutes of the Heat/Pistons game. Dwyane Wade scored his team’s final 17 points, taking all but two shots over the last five minutes to lead Miami past Detroit 100-98.

Combining for ten turnovers, the NFC came from behind to defeat the AFC in the Pro Bowl 23-17. The highlight of the game was this ridiculous pass that Michael Vick threw as he was being hit. Vick tossed the ball fifty feet in the air and Larry Fitzgerald jumped between three AFC defenders to make the grab. Vick just laughed as he ran down field to congratulate his teammate. And there lies the problem with the Pro Bowl. Not even the players take it seriously.

In a sad story, Michelle Kwan dropped out of the Olympics yesterday. American figure skaters are among the few athletes that I feel like everyone roots for and gets behind. Kwan winning gold would have been the story of Olympics. Instead she leaves as one of the great athletes never to win on her sports biggest stage.


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