Check It Out: Dream is Over For USA Hockey, Curling


The last time American hockey went into the Olympics this big an underdog, they completed the miracle on ice. They weren’t as lucky this year. Finland took advantage of a lackluster first period from team USA and held on to win 4-3. A case can be made that they were the worst team not named Kazakhstan in Torino. At least Canada lost too.

Matt Sussman at The Futon Report provides all the information about curling you could ever ask for. In Olympic action, the United States actually advanced to the medal round but Canada swept better or something. The Canadians will now face Finland in effort to decide who can have the cleanest ice of all.

Tiger Woods is a machine. He’s more than a machine. He’s like the terminator. Woods won the first nine holes at the Accenture Match Play Championship against Stephen Ames and then tied in the tenth to pull off an unthinkable golf shutout. Apparently, he was upset that Ames made a joke about his erratic tee shots and set out to destroy him. Mission complete.


Sussman 11:30 AM, February 23, 2006  

They beat Great Britain in the round robin, and they face them Friday for bronze. This could be the first Olympic curling medal ever for the U.S.

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