Steph VS Stevie: The Fight to Wear "3"


If you were one of the few that thought trading for Steve Francis might actually work out, think again.

Stephon Marbury and Francis are strong individuals that happen to wear the same number, 3. In the past, Marbury has fought Quentin Richardson and won the rights to retain his jersey. I do understand that Marbury will get to keep his number in this situation as well but is he really deserving?

For the hell of it, lets take a look at the tale of the tape for these two little, embattled, small, troubled, short point/two guards.

Stephon Marbury

Steve Francis


Hood FactorConey Island, NYSilver Spring, MDIf you've seen "He Got Game" you know that Marbury wins the battle of the hoods. Coney Island, despite the great hot dogs and roller coaster, is a scary place. Silver Spring is supposed to be bad, but Francis left his city to go to prep school in Connecticut.

Worst Professional Decision

Forced trade from Minnesota because he couldn't be on the same court with Kevin Garnett when Garnett was making some much more money than him.

Forced trade from Vancouver during the summer he was drafted because "It's cold, it rains and they take a lot of your money."

Francis gets the edge because he had an honest beef. No one wants to play basketball in Canada. Marbury gave up the chance to play for one of the great players in the history of the game.

ArrestedDUIDUIBoth players are pretty weak in the petty crime category. Francis was actually found not guilty and Marbury had about two beers and a shot in him.
LawsuitNamed in Anucha Browne-Sanders suit against Isiah ThomasNamed in suit after bar brawl broke out following a Mike Tyson fight.I think Steph called Browne a "hoe" or something while Francis went sick on some guy after watching his idol get beaten by a white Irish guy. Stevie Franchise owns Starbury.

Best Player Traded For

Jason KiddTracy McGradyIt's hard. Both of the players that teams traded Marbury and Francis for are so much better than either of them. The winners here are the Nets and Rockets.
Teams Played For43Stephon has been moved around but usually has been traded because of his value rather than his problematic nature. Francis had issues in Orlando and was dealt more out of frustration.
Playoff Appearances41Marbury has been more times but has never made it out of the first round. Francis made it once, played awful and never made it back.
All Star Games23Marbury is the better player but Francis can jump like six feet in the air. For some reason, that makes NBA fans vote for him to make the team.

You be the judge.


Jason 4:37 PM, February 23, 2006  

In another very integral category:


Marbury has the major edge: "No swimsuits, no bikinis ... All Nude"

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