Check It Out: Knicks Continue Playing Biddy Ball


Many felt the Knicks hit rock bottom last week after consecutive whippings in Atlanta and then at home against the Lakers. But some how, some way, they’ve outdone themselves once again. New York had a chance to win at home last night but coming off a timeout, they failed to even inbound the ball on their final possession. Words cannot fully express how bad the situation at the Garden is.

JJ Redick continues to prove why he may be the best college player since Tim Duncan. One of the few knocks on him was that he has never played well against North Carolina. So, in his final game at the Dean Dome, Redick dropped 35 points, including the nail in the coffin three with under two minutes to play to lead the Blue Devils to an 87-83 victory. It’s amazing how this game seems to always be close, simply the best rivalry in college sports.

A south Jersey crime family, an NHL assistant coach and Wayne Gretzky’s wife; sounds like a fun time to me. If only Arod or Michael Jordan was involved, then maybe it would be a real story.


Anonymous 11:38 PM, February 08, 2006  

fuck jj and fuck everyone else who is on jj's dick...thank u

twins15 12:20 AM, February 09, 2006  

The whole Knicks organization is in shambles right now. Bad contracts, not a lot of good talent, and they have Isiah Thomas as their GM, which is always a franchise-killer. As a Sixers fan, I can't say I'm too disappointed in all of this! :D

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