Please God, Not the Yankees


Ever wonder why more and more children seem to be dropping little league to run around aimlessly kicking a ball? Maybe it’s the trauma of getting on the wrong team.

Tim Bawmann, general manager of the Red Sox Single-A affiliate Lowell Spinners thinks that every youth league in New England should do away with any teams named “Yankees.”

“Many kids actually pray they will not be on the Yankees when the rosters and teams are announced,” Bawmann said.

I would be willing to bet that outside of Connecticut, most New England little leagues will follow through on Bawmann’s wishes. Hopefully, it will bring to life a new tradition.

New York and New Jersey should get rid of the Sox. Chicago little leagues can eliminate the Cardinals. Los Angeles basketball leagues may now abolish the Celtics name. It will bring back a sense of hate for the arch enemy.

This is classic stuff.

Still, American sports rivalries have nothing on European soccer. For that, I thank god.


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