Check It Out: Marty Jannetty Gets Thrown Through a Window


No, just kidding. That happened like twelve years ago. However, I did watch some wrestling last night because the Knicks once again got leveled. At this point, they are silly bad.

One economist believes that Bud Selig is the best of the nine baseball commissioners that have been in office. For the majority of my life, he’s been the only commissioner so I can’t disagree. Athough I doubt Kenesaw Mountain Landis would let the All-Star game end in a tie.

Roger Clemens’ son took him yard yesterday and then in typical redneck fashion, the Rocket threw one up an in to show who’s boss. I don’t really consider this a big deal because I’m sure everyone in the park new that Koby was going to get buzzed. The real issue is that people are saying Roger looked sharp. How can the greatest living pitcher be sharp when a kid not even a year removed from high school homers off of him?

Rapper Master P is going to stand trial on weapons charges for having unregistered guns (yes, he needs more than one) in his car. If only he could have made the Portland Trail Blazers roster, he would have gotten a two game slap on the wrist.


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