Check It Out: The Reason I Don’t Box


I didn’t see the fight but from the looks of that picture, Sugar Shane Mosely pretty much handed it to Fernando Vargas. Mosely connected with a big punch in the opening round and the Vargas had to deal with swelling for the entire fight, before the referee stopped the bout in the tenth round. This was a marquee match despite both fighters being well past their prime. Mosely will probably get some type of title fight soon, but I think Vargas’ oft-troubled career is about over.

J.J. Redick caught a glimpse of what he will most likely see throughout the NCAA tournament against Temple: A box-and-one defense. Still, he managed to become the all time leading scorer in the ACC and the top ranked Blue Devils won 74-66.

Kansas, who had been playing out of its mind of late, got humbled at Texas. Actually, they got embarrassed. LaMarcus Aldridge, who will be a top five pick in the NBA draft, scored 18 points and blocked four shots. I don’t particularly like the Longhorns, but this was a very convincing victory.


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