The Unintelligence of Gilbert Arenas


Imagine publicly announcing that your boss is a big ass just before he decided to promote you. Well, that’s essentially what Gilbert Arenas did last week.

On Wednesday Arenas called out adidas, his shoe company, because he felt they weren’t paying him enough attention. Obviously someone close to him has been watching Jerry Maguire and explained the notion of the four jewels of the celebrity endorsement dollar.

Arenas said, “When I first signed my deal, they said if I made the All-Star Game in the first three years, we could rip up this contract and sign a new one. Well, I made it last year and they blew me off, and nothing has happened this year either. All I want is to get my face out there. If I'm the last person on the totem pole, just tell me I'm not in your future -- don't keep my hopes and dreams up.”

The problem: adidas had been in negotiations with Arenas’ agent Dan Fegan and was just finishing up a deal that would see the company begin an all out advertising campaign to promote his new signature shoe.

Fegan said that he intended to surprise his client but it clearly backfired.

Now Arenas is a terrific player that goes fairly unnoticed, but the guy does some idiotic things.

Early in his career, he admitted to playing play-ground basketball in season because it was the only way where quality players would “go at him hard.” Last year, he wanted more children to imitate him so he began to put the ball around his back before every free-throw he took. Then, at this year’s all star game, Arenas covered up one of the three adidas stripes on his sneaker to show that he was unhappy with the way they treat him.

Give him credit for wanting face time that bad. Somehow though, I feel like the people at ahdidas are the ones laughing at how big an ass Arenas is.

Arenas pleads for more attention from adidas –


HAXORZ 9:35 AM, February 27, 2006  

Dude, it's adidas, not Adidas. LOLUNINTELLIGENCE

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