Check It Out: Sixers and Rockets Lose by Thousands of Points


The Chicago Bulls go into the All Star break feeling pretty good. Ben Gordon scored 21 points to help his team paste Philadelphia last night. The Bulls seem poised to make a run at the playoffs in the second half of the season. The Sixers on the other hand, are in serious trouble.

Houston had won seven of eight before going to Phoenix and getting trounced 109-75. It could have been much worse. The Suns led by as many as 45 in the third quarter and sat all their starters in the final quarter. It was so bad that had they been shut out in the third period, they would still have been up ten at the start of the fourth.

The Miami/Oklahoma college football rivalry will be renewed in 2007, as the two teams will meet for the first time since the 1988 Orange Bowl. During those days, they were the cream of the college football crop. Now, they are just schools who receive more hype than they deserve.

The reason our country’s youth are wildly obese: They are willing to pay their teacher in order to skip Physical Education class. Reports from a Florida middle school say that Terence Braxton charged students a dollar a day to be excused from Gym class. Two thoughts here: 1) Not to show a gender bias, but I hope that those who paid were just girls who didn’t want to bring sneakers to school everyday. If 13 and 14 year old boys don’t like Gym, what are they going to do in high school? 2) What a great scheme by this teacher. I wish my math teachers offered this alternative when I was younger.


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