Chavez Might Jump Border


The little league aspect of the World Baseball Classic continues.

Remember the kid who came from no where to dominate in youth baseball and take your spot on the all star team? How about the kid who skipped town because he wasn’t good enough to play?

Well, Eric Chavez might leave the country.

Chavez was left off the United States 30 man roster for the WBC and is contemplating playing for Mexico. Chavez’s father and both sets of grandparents were born in the country thereby making him eligible.

Chavez was born and lives in the United States, only speaks English and I believe his only “international” experience comes when the A’s are on the road in Toronto.

Can you imagine if this happened in the World Cup? Say Ronaldo from Brazil decided to play for Columbia or David Beckham decided to cross seas to play for the yanks. There would be riots.

People have been killed for less.

I just can’t see how this is promoting baseball to the rest of the world. I’m sure there are plenty of players who deserve to represent their country that won’t be allowed to because American born players will be taking up roster spots.

One again, the World Baseball Classic makes zero sense.


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