Check It Out: Torre Wishes Pavano Mess Was All a Dream


Give credit to Carl Pavano. He’s an average pitcher who put together an outstanding season in his contract year which enabled him to rob the Yankees out of forty million dollars. It appears that he is still hurt and will not be ready for opening day. In other news, the unpleasant and unhappy Gary Sheffield skipped Sunday’s practice with back spasms.

Interesting story from USA Today. Jered Weaver, who came from Long Beach State and was supposed to the best college pitcher drafted since Mark Prior had an outside chance at cracking the Angels starting rotation this season. Then his brother, Jeff, signed a one year deal that virtually blocks the young stud from making the roster. No matter what he says, Jered can’t be happy.

Remember hearing about how other counties at 1992 Barcelona Olympics were simply in awe of the dream team. That might just be how South Africa acts when the World Baseball Classic begins this week. Said pitching coach Lee Smith, “I'm hoping our guys throw strikes and not be so much in awe of who we're facing. I don't want them thinking about getting autographs in the middle of the game.”


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