Maybe the Wonderlic is Culturally Bias


The whole Vince Young being almost too stupid to function stuff may have taken a twist.

Now it seems that whoever corrected the test somehow graded it wrong. How this is possible I will never understand.

I can only hope that this is some kind of computer’s fault because if a person went over the test by hand with the answers in front of him and still got it wrong, then he too is obviously incapable of living. I mean, did the grader forget to count on his fingers when he was trying to figure out what the ninth month of the year was?

Bottom line: Someone here is really, incredibly, astonishingly dumb.

It’s just more fun if it’s Vince.

Read Pro Football Talk. They seem know everything about everything.


Anonymous 9:54 AM, February 27, 2006  

Do you feel better about yourself when you call other people dumb?

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