Finally, the Super Bowl is Here


I saw it coming but once again this Super Bowl has infuriated me.

It’s one thing to have no affiliation to either team. It’s another that there hasn’t been one interesting story since the Colts and Pats went out in the same week. The one hope was the chance of winning money during the game.

Throw that out.

Like most people who watch the Super Bowl, I’m in one of those raffle scoring grid pools where you get a number for each team and if the last number of the score equals what you have, you win money. It seems like a scenario works out for every number, giving anyone a chance to win at the end of each quarter.

Well, except mine. I got Steelers “Five” and Seahawks “Two.”

How bad is that? How can I win? Let me count the ways.

After the first quarter, we have the always likely baseball score scenario. Of course, to go along with a safety from both teams, we would also need a field goal from Pittsburgh. Considering that two safeties in the same game are about as likely as an entertainer’s breast being exposed at halftime, I’m not liking my chances.

But maybe just Seattle will block a punt in the end zone and get the two points. If that happens, I’ll then have to root for Pittsburgh to score twice and inexplicably go for a two point conversion once.

Ooooh, I like that one. Steelers 15, Seahawks 2. Better yet, maybe Seattle will score twice and miss both extra points. I’m freakin’ lovin’ these odds.

For a late game score, maybe third quarter or final, we can revisit the double safety theory. This time, the Steelers could pull of two safeties and score three touchdowns, giving them 25. Then, all we need is the other guys to kick four field goals, totaling 12.

A 25-12 final? It could happen.

Think about it like this. The only normal number in football with a five in it is 35 and the Steelers have scored that just once in the last five years.

It gets worse on the other end. The last three times the Seahawks have had a two as their final number in their score has been when they put up 42 points. Of course, the teams they did that to were Houston, Philly, and San Francisco, and that was basically cheating. It was like setting Madden on beginner.

As for how I think the game will really go.

I keep thinking Pittsburgh is the hot team but then I realize that Seattle has been on fire all season. I’ve been to and loved both cities pretty equally so I truly have no allegiance either way. I hate Joey Porter, but I really hate Shaun Alexander.

Flip a coin. I’ll go with Seattle 31-21.


Sonny Shine 2:35 AM, February 05, 2006  

My prediction; a Seattle upset win!

Sonny Shine 2:36 AM, February 05, 2006  


Anonymous 3:09 AM, February 05, 2006  

Shaun did nothing to you but fuck you bitches up in fantasy football. Dont hate

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