Randrom Rumblings 2/5


  • Just another one of the many reasons to hate Duke: In the three ACC games they’ve won by ten points or less, they have gone to the free-throw line 116 times. That’s 71 more times than their opponents!

  • George Washington isn’t close to the team that St Joseph’s was a few years ago. They are probably going to win out and get a number two or three seed in the NCAA’s but if I could pick one high seed to fall early, it would be them.

  • Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown clearly have friction between them. I wonder how many times Brown contemplated quitting last week. He is probably waiting out for Thomas to get the axe. My guess is Thomas is gone within two weeks and Brown gives up by season’s end leaving the already talent-less Knicks GM-less and coach-less.

  • At least one team that plays in the Garden is worth watching. The New York Rangers are now in first place and are almost certainly heading to the playoffs for the first time since 1997.

  • Detroit’s two losses in four games probably means they won’t be able to catch the Bulls’ all time win record of 72. For the NBA’s sake, that’s a good thing. What a shame it would have been to see the Pistons make history, but have the whole world care more about an 81 point game.

  • NBA teams are going to have to choose whether they want help right away or a high ceiling player in the NBA draft. The three best potential players eligible are probably Rudy Gay, LaMarcus Aldridge and Rodney Carney but Adam Morrison and JJ Redick will provide the most help next season in the league. For my money, I would take the Duke senior. He will get muscled around but he is far and away the most polished player in the country.

  • I have this theory that the World Baseball Classic might just be canceled altogether. Players continue to pull out and fans still don’t care.


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