The Super Bowl was Last Night


I feel like Mush in “A Bronx Tale.”

I’ve made two predictions since the new year began: USC 44-21 and Seattle 31-21.

Good calls on both.

As for the Super Bowl itself, it was about as interesting as the week leading up to the game. Both teams played very poorly, the referees stunk and for some reason Tom Brady still managed to be apart of the game.

Ben Roethlisberger gave a Dan Marino-esque playoff performance, yet miraculously still won. I mean, he was terrible. On WFAN New York, they are calling that interception he threw with the Steelers ahead 14-3 the worst pass in Super Bowl history. He had to be bailed out by Antwaan Randle El, a wide receiver who happened to throw the best ball of the night.

By the way I have such an issue with teams being fooled by that play to Randle El. It’s shouldn’t even be a surprise anymore. It seems like they ran it every single week in the playoffs.

Seattle did get hosed on a few calls, but it’s no excuse for their clock management. At the end of both halves, Mike Holmgren seemed to have been replaced by Andy Reid and the Seahawks missed chances. They also missed two field goals and got torched by game MVP Hines Ward.

Overall, it was a below average game with decent commercials and the Bettis family sure looks like a nice bunch.

Now, on to baseball.

A riveting run to glory – Pittsburgh Post Gazette


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