Which Guy was at Your Super Bowl Party?


CBSsportsline is totally underrated. Although it’s not saying much, they probably have better columnists than ESPN. They even have a better version of the guy you read but absolutely can’t stand. ESPN uses Skip Bayless in that spot. CBS has Gregg Doyel, who is wittier and a lot more hateable.

When you compare CBS’ Spin on Sports to ESPN’s Page Two, it’s no contest. The Spin is brilliant and Clay Travis is starting to rival Bill Simmons in terms of writing from the fan’s point of view.

Travis’ wrote consecutive columns about the “25 annoying Super Bowl party guests” and they were absolutely hilarious. They also happen to be the basis of this post.

Before I completely bite from Travis’ list, I’d like to add a few of my own, if for no other reason than to disguise my blatant plagiarism.

  • Guy who jumps on bandwagon, then constantly refers to team as “us” and “we,” but then gets caught out when he also refers to the Patriots as “we.”
    Yes, we had one of those guys. That’s always annoying because its equivalent to the kid who always gets his way. Where is the fun in liking the winner every year? Then, when you get caught out, you come with some crazy line like “Oh, well the Steelers have always been my favorite team but the Patriots are my second favorite.” There is no such thing as second favorite team!

  • Guy who constantly “called that.”
    Big Ben throws a pick, “I called that.” Bettis retires after the game, “I saw that coming.” Steelers win Super Bowl, “I’ve been sayin’ that all week.”

  • Guy who has no ties to either team, but picks one anyway. Then after a few beers, switches teams as if it was nothing.
    We had a lot of this. In Connecticut, you aren’t going to find many Seattle or Pittsburgh supporters, only disgruntled NFC East fans.

  • Guy who stands up every time Jerome Bettis gets on the field, and says “Vroom Vroom, the bus is out there.”
    Self explanatory, but sad.

  • Guy who wears team’s jersey, but doesn’t realize the player he is rooting for has been traded.
    We had two of these. One was an Eagle fan wearing a Duce Staley jersey in support of Duce. To me, that’s okay. The other one wasn’t.

  • Guy who believes he’s the referee.
    One of my favorites especially considering how many controversial calls there were. “That’s a touchdown, he had a foot in.” No big guy, in the pros you need two feet. “After review, I think Roethlisberger got stopped on the goal line.” Good call.

As for some of the entertaining guests from Clay Travis’ lists, we had…

  • Guy who draws sweeping conclusions from any and every play, particularly those that occur early in the first quarter and when the teams are separated by a single score.
  • Guy who says, "He’s gonna score," every time a five-yard gain occurs.
  • Guy who shows up wearing wristbands
  • The insider.
  • Guy who thinks he is a member of the team

25 annoying Super Bowl party guests, Part Two – CBSsportsline Spin on Sports


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