De La Hoya, Mayorga Trade Mama Jokes


The best part of boxing outside of the half naked trailer park girls in between rounds is the pre-match antics.

There is nothing like the build up to a fight.

It doesn’t even have to be a big fight either. As long as there’s some type of gathering with the media and two fighters, it’s a lock that something crazy is going to happen. That, of course, is because no boxers are actually sane.

The latest verbal war came yesterday when Oscar De La Hoya and WBC champion Ricardo Mayorga held a press conference concerning their fight that is still two months away.

Mayorga, who reminds me so much of Tito Santana, called his opponent a clown and said he was going to detach his retina with his right hand. Ouch. De La Hoya responded by making it clear that he planned on knocking Mayorga out. He said so about a dozen times.

Eventually, the two shoved each other before a million people rushed to break up the mess.

Imagine if the Super Bowl media day was handled the way boxing is. You’d see Joey Porter look deep into Jerramy Stevens’ eyes and tell him he was going to kill him. To save face, a horrified Stevens would have to make fun of Porter getting shot in the ass, setting off a riot.

Inevitably, the two would come to blows and everyone would have paid just a little more attention to those two when Sunday rolled around.

Boxing is great. It’s like professional wrestling, only real, with a big, black cartoon character of a man running the show.

I love Don King.


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