Check It Out: Adjustments are for Suckers


Corey Patterson, a former mega-prospect that has failed to meet expectations, was traded from Chicago to Baltimore this off season. You would think that his second chance might result in attempting to cut down on his strikeouts considering he has more K’s in his career than walks, doubles, triples and homeruns combined, but it doesn’t appear that way.

Imagine the epic encounter between South Africa and Mexico battling to a stalemate in the opening round of the World Baseball Classic. Thousands of fans geared in on every swing, every pitch, and every play. Then, with no runs on the board after the fourteenth inning, the umpire decides the game is a tie. Thank god this is baseball and that can’t happen… errrr…whoops.

The first conference tournament upset in college basketball happened last night. Charleston Southern (13-15) defeated Birmingham-Southern (19-9) in the opening round of the Big South Conference tournament. Birmingham blew Charleston out twice during the season but didn’t come to play last night.


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