The Philadelphia Daily News reported and ESPN confirmed that USA basketball’s 22 man preliminary roster will not include Allen Iverson.

How ridiculous.

Iverson was co-captain of the 2004 Olympic team that embarrassed the country, but he was hardly the reason. He was one of the few players that actually played hard –and well- in Athens and was clearly upset with the team’s performance.

But while the other captain Tim Duncan moaned about the way international basketball is played, Iverson took it like a man. He knew that the only people responsible for Team USA finishing third was Team USA.

Without naming individuals, he called out the NBA stars for not wanting to represent their country after all it had given them. After that, the stars lined up to join the team

So the thanks Iverson gets for recruiting better players is not even getting a chance to make the 2008 roster.

Iverson can say all he wants. He needs to maintain his image. He can say he doesn’t care and that now he gets more time with his family in the summer. Deep down though, he’s disappointed. And he should be.

He just got slapped in the face by his country.


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