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You would think that the amount of partying done at a school would in some way correlate with the success of its athletic programs. Not at SUNY-Albany. They were wild before their basketball team ever did well and they’ll continue to be just before, during and certainly following the Great Danes double digit loss to UConn Friday night.

While Connecticut might have the best basketball program in the country, Albany boasts one of the top places in America to get bent, baked and laid. And they don’t know a thing about basketball.

Albany Times Union columnist Brian Ettkin gave ten students a twenty question quiz on the team and general basketball knowledge and most came away doing about as well as they’d do on an exam after a long Thursday night.

Just a few of the questions:

  • How many teams make the Final Four?
  • Levi Levine Sr. is the father of which UAlbany player?

When shown a picture of the team’s head coach, one girl said she knew who he was. “I him on CBS the other night. Tom ... Brady,” she answered.

Now Ettkin only gave the test to a few people, but it’s hilarious to think that the student body knows absolutely nothing about their basketball team that is in the NCAA tournament for the first time.

And I believe it too.


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