Victories are Irrelevant in Post 81 NBA


Almost two months ago, the NBA was at the top of the sporting world. Forget college basketball. Forget hockey. The Super Bowl was rapidly approaching, but everyone wanted to talk about Kobe Bryant.

He scored 81 points! If you weren’t old enough to see Wilt Chamberlain drop 100, this was the greatest solo performance of your lifetime.

But what now? Where has the spotlight gone?

For a few weeks, I checked Bryant’s statistics every ten minutes during Lakers’ games. My nightly perusing went from Kobe to Lebron and back to Kobe before even thinking about another sport.

Now, I check in on the daily debacle that is the New York Knicks and move right along. They won last night by the way.

There lies the problem with the NBA. It’s more interesting to follow the worst team in the league than the best. That’s assuming you can even name the three top teams in the NBA. Detroit… umm… San Antonio… and… oh hell, are the Bulls still good?

The other team happens to be the Dallas Mavericks.

Combined, those teams have about as much star power as an ESPN original movie.

The most famous Maverick is the owner of the team, Mark Cuban. The Spurs might have the best player in the NBA in Tim Duncan, but his brick wall for a personality makes him virtually unwatchable.

Detroit has a little something going for them. They’re down with the whole team concept. Unfortunately, the complete team era went out with thigh high shorts and thick socks.

Soon, the NBA will move into the post season and go relatively unnoticed. This league is about selfish play and marketing ability.

Pathetically, winning falls third on the list.


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