Florida A&M Athletes Might Struggle on Wonderlic


The reports are in and 65 Division I schools will lose athletic scholarships due to “poor scholastic performance by their student-athletes.”

If you realize how easy it is for an athlete to get into college, then you understand how pitiful it is when they cannot meet the extremely low standards required to stay there.

Florida A&M took it on the chin the worst, losing scholarships in five sports, including eight in football. These actions are embarrassing enough for the school, but it’s not even close to the beginning of the Rattlers’ problems.

On February 1, the NCAA placed them on four years probation for a lack of institutional control. That phrase doesn’t actually do these guys any justice. It’s more like the complete omission of any an all rules pertaining to academics.

The school was cited for approximately 200 violations in each one of its 15 sports including but I’m sure not limited to allowing ineligible athletes to compete, the changing of student-athlete’s grades and practice time violations.

What in the hell is going on at Florida A&M? I mean 200! You would think they would be a little more successful considering they’ll let almost anybody play. After losing over 40 scholarships in all, they might really have to let anyone participate.

Nelson Townsend, FAMU’s athletic director said, "This ruling simply means we have not done a good job in the academic area with our student-athletes. If we care enough to recruit our athletes, we need to care enough to make sure they graduate.”

Well said, Nelson. Now do it.


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