Former Nebraska Star Continues Downfall


Lawrence Phillips never made a Pro Bowl, but his number of appearances in the Police Log rivals that of any professional athlete. He has amassed a criminal record that would make even Isaiah Rider blush.

The former St. Louis Rams first round draft pick and chronic girl beater will stand trial on assault charges stemming from an August 21, 2005 incident in which he allegedly drove his car into three teenagers.

The car happened to be stolen.

Supposedly, Phillips and the three teens got into an argument during a pickup football game in Los Angeles. He left the park but returned in a black Honda and proceeded to drive at the group.

I’m guessing that Phillips was upset with the teens’ use of the “Mississippi” rule. It may have angered him when one of the boys failed to pronounce the extra “ss” in the state’s name in an attempt to blitz the quarterback quicker.

That, or he’s just a freakin’ psycho.

Predictably, he was also wanted for domestic violence at the time of his arrest. A crime that unfortunately has made him famous throughout his football career, Phillips has been arrested countless times, in two countries, for his hostile actions toward women.

I can’t really feel bad for a guy a beats girlfriends and tries to murder fifteen year olds. In terms of career management, he should be put in the same category as Rider, Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden.

All got second, third, fourth, and fifth chances to clean up his life and still screwed up.


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