Major Disappointments


There are some old people on television that you just have a certain fondness toward. Keith Jackson for instance. He admits to needing binoculars to watch the Rose Bowl and then still called a missed extra point good and we chalk it up as Keith Jackson, that crazy old bugger.

Not Billy Packer though. Not too many like that guy, especially if they are affiliated with a mid-major conference.

Packer slammed the NCAA tournament selection committee for its work last weekend, stating they made numerous mistakes. Of note, he wasn’t happy that the Missouri Valley Conference sent four teams to the dance and the Cincinnati of the Big East did not receive bid.

The very first game Thursday afternoon made him look quite foolish when MVC regular season champ Wichita State embarrassed Seton Hall from the so-called best conference in the land.

The overrated Big East had a rough first day. Along with the Pirates, Marquette and conference champion Syracuse were sent packing.

Other Thoughts
If you picked Boston College to go to the final four, you should know that Al Skinner is probably the worst NCAA tournament coach ever. In New York, a lot of people call former Jets coach Herm Edwards the best Monday-Saturday coach in the NFL. Skinner’s like that. He’s great eleven months of the year, but when March rolls around, the kids are better off doing it themselves.

Two upsets in name only: Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Oklahoma and Montana over Nevada. If you didn’t see that coming, well… you aren’t gonna win’s ten million dollar perfect bracket challenge.

By the way, I still have a chance to win that 10 mil after Thursday’s games.

If you think about it, Indiana has a decent shot at the final four, and what a story that would make. Think about it, they’ll kill Gonzaga on Saturday and then they will run into consecutive question mark teams in UCLA and Memphis. Granted I think one of those two will win the national title, but they are so young that you never know. What a way for Mike Davis to piss on Indiana’s party.

The make or break game for me tomorrow: Davidson over Ohio State. Mark it down kids.


Anonymous 1:36 PM, March 19, 2006  

yo this is jared dudley...leave skinner alone. at least he doesn't talk like calhoun. west

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